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DGP High Performance Pro 100 Bar & Chain Oil is a proprietary blend of American grown seed oils that delivers:


  •  Superior tack
  •  Incredible lubricity
  •  Excellent temperature stability
  •  A high flash point that prevents arcing
  •  No phosphorus, chlorine or metal-based additives


While DGP Bar & Chain Oil delivers incredible lubricity, excellent temperature stability and superior wear protection. Our oil offers users and the environment a dramatically safer alternative compared to toxic petroleum based products.


This chain oil is designed to maintain a high flash point to prevent arcing and uses no phosphorus, chlorine or metal based additives.  


Ultimate biodegradability makes it ideal for 100% loss applications and is classified non-hazardous to plants, animals, and humans.

Pro 100 Bar & Chain Oil (1 Gallon Bottle)

  • Pro 100 Bar & Chain Oil Single 1 Gallon Bottle.

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