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DGP High Performance 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a proprietary formulation of American made, bio-based ingredients, that delivers:


  •  No smoke...No smell
  •  Increased RPMs
  •  Outstanding lubricity
  •  Excellent detergency
  •  Reduction of carbon deposits


DGP High Performance 2-Cycle Engine Oil delivers incredible RPMs, excellent detergency and outstanding lubricity. Our oil offers users and the environment a dramatically safer alternative compared to toxic petroleum based products.


Independent Green Shield Certified tests confirm that DGP 2 Cycle outperforms the competition in three critical areas:


Employee SAFETY, Equipment PROTECTION and Environmental PRESERVATION.


A key to bio-based, synthetic lubricants that help machines perform better and support and provide for a cleaner Earth.

Full Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil (6.4oz Bottle)

  • Full Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil Single 6.4oz. Bottle.

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